AnD Analog
Avishek and Debadipta are from Kolkata, India but live in Aalborg, Denmark where they run AnD Analog. Avishek has an architecture background, and Debadipta is an oil painter with an engineering background. 
Their interest in architecture and art respectively shape their language of photography and is majorly expressed through liquid emulsions on watercolor paper and rice paper. Their work majorly includes the continuous change of natural landscape and urbanscape through natural, human and political influences.

Avishek Das

Avishek is an architect and technologist by training. He is presently a PhD Fellow at Aalborg Universitet working on Extended Reality and Architecture. His inclination towards philosophy, architecture, history and technology forms his photographic language and execution. His photographs capture the glory and ruinous state of both nature and architecture alike. 
His work revolves around how a place morphs because of different natural and manmade conditions.
He loves to work in conjunction with old mechanical cameras and modern digital technologies. Many of AnD Analog’s darkroom tools, camera accessories, and scanning setup are made by him using 3D printing and other digital exploits. Recently he made an extreme macro setup using a Horseman L45, a Schneider Lens, couple of 3D printed parts with Debadipta’s Nikon D780 as a digital back! 
Debadipta has a background in electronics engineering with a masters in technology. She has pursued her career as an artist mostly focused on oil painting. She also expresses herself through pen and ink and sometimes through watercolours. Her passion for photography started with observing birds and taking bird photographs. Gradually she started exploring the world of Analog photography and she found a new world for herself. Her paintings are sometimes inspired from her photographs and her photographs are sometimes an expression of a visualization for a painting. Her two artistic worlds are intertwined but the expressions are distinct.

Debadipta Basak

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